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A Broken Silence – “All For What…” (2009) January 30, 2010

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Written by Andrew Hart

Listening to A Broken Silence’s All For What… is one of the most invigorating experiences I’ve encountered in years.  The moment the album kicks off is an exhilarating one, with a few distinct piano chimes leading into the explosive chorus of “Are You Not Entertained.”  The moment the track hits is a rush, one unlike any other disc has created for me in some time, and it’s just the beginning.  Yes, All For What… is an absolutely one of a kind experience that no fan of rock music should miss.

Allow me to clarify something immediately, A Broken Silence is a half-rap, half-rock hybrid from Sydney, Australia, but don’t be put off by the rap in this band’s sound.  Much like early Linkin Park, A Broken Silence backs up their rhythm and rhyme with intense backing from several instruments, whether it be the conventional guitar and drums, or some heavy-duty electronics.  Even those who think that rap is not for them should be giving A Broken Silence a chance, because this band is anything but conventional.  While most artists in both rap and rock lean heavily on cliches and ridiculous lyrics far too often, A Broken Silence speaks out with words that can dig deep and hit hard.  For evidence of this, look no further than “The Road Is Lost” and the bridge that sees lead rapper Torcha cry out “We’re caught up in the pictures that they have shown us and not the millions of innocents that been blown up, cold hearts disconnecting us from our own blood  for their objectives it’s best that they blindfold us.”  A Broken Silence doesn’t care about hot rides and dope bitches, instead they choose to speak out on the problems that plague the world, and therin lies much of the appeal.  A Broken Silence is a breath of fresh air.

For those doubting this band’s ability to be remembered, just try and spin “Run a Check” or “There They Go” without getting caught up in the adrenaline rush each song creates.  The former is action-packed from start to finish, while the latter builds up slowly to one of the most intense final minute’s on any album in recent memory.  While the band themselves create plenty of solid material on their own, some of the album’s best work is brought together by some phenomenal guest work.  Tyron Woolfe provides some killer vocals that give “By Your Laws” an irresistable hook, Tim Freedman sets the entire tone of “The Road is Lost” with some low but passionate singing, and Ozi Batla brings the house down with his own incredible verse of “This Nation.”  You don’t have to recognize the names to appreciate the music, which brings relative unknowns together to create some fantastic sounds.

From the beginning, the ambient and powerful “Are You Not Entertained,” to the end, a slowed-down and melodic number called “Take This Mirror,” A Broken Silence cannot disappoint with their debut.  This album is not 100% rock, in fact the majority of the album is easily influenced by rap.  However, it cannot be ignored that when blended together, A Broken Silence has crafted some of the best music I have had the pleasure of hearing in some time, and the fruit of their labors is an album I’ve been unable to put down in four months now.  Take a second to move past any stereotypes you may have about rap, and give A Broken Silence a chance.  All For What… is too incredible to pass up.

10 out of 10 – Download “By Your Laws (feat. Tyron Woolfe)”

A Broken Silence is | Torcha – Vocals | B-Don – Keyboards, Electronics | Cactus – Guitar | Slim – Bass | Nathan – Drums