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Hey Rawkfist Readers, and yes, I know you’re there.  Here’s the thing guys, here at Rawkfist, I’m constantly looking for ways to improve this blog and make it among the best on the net.  To do that however, I’d love to have a little bit of help.  So what’s the deal?  Is the music selection not varied enough or too varied?  Would you like a music player on the page?  Do the colors of the blog offend you?  Let me know what you think of the site.  Just post a comment on this page, anonymous or with a name if you want, and let me know what you think.  Every bit I get from you helps me make Rawkfist Music the number one rock music blog on the internet, and just lets me know you’re there and you care.  Thanks a lot readers, and stay tuned for constantly improving rock reviews and news.

Andrew “Gravity” Hart



1. Brandon Young - April 20, 2009


I was wondering what your selection process was for reviewing albums? We’d love for you to check out the new modern rock band that is smashing the Southeast scene, Ghost of Gloria.

Although I’m management, and I’m paid to say so, there are a bunch of positive reviews and accomplishments that are proving me right.

These guys are doing two major showcases in the next month, one this week in LA at the ASCAP I Create Music Expo and then next month on the 15th at the Florida Music Festival. With a couple offers already on the table, they will be signed to a major shortly, so you’re getting a real raw and breaking band.

We appreciate everything you do for music and rock, it’s people like you that keep Rock the number one genre.


Brandon M. Young
Ghost of Gloria – Management

2. rawkfistmusic - April 20, 2009

I’ll be sure to check ’em out.

The selection process is mostly just snagging new albums as they are released, from well known bands like Papa Roach and Blue October to the little guys like Reality Addiction and The Veer Union. Often times I will also choose an older album if there’s a drought of new stuff and the disc piques my interest.

3. KGGPennington - May 11, 2009

hmmmm… improves.
Well, you could have guest reviewers sometimes (which I know you’ve done a couple times, and not to say that you’re reviews are bad, but one opinion can get tiresome at times).
The color is maybe a little too… bland? The black before was fine, but you’re just looking to change for a change, why not something besides black and white? And I’m just talking about the background.
You’re already branching out a bit with Marianas Trench, but you could do more. Now that it’s summer I’m sure you’ll have more time to find new bands and albums and put out more reviews. Otherwise, just give it time and you’ll get up there in the ranks.

4. LBH - July 15, 2009

It would be nice if you were a little more objective with your reviews. I’m seeing 10/10 reviews everywhere. I own 44 albums and I only have 1 or 2 that I’d consider perfect.

5. rawkfistmusic - July 16, 2009

Trust me sir/madam, nothing concerns me more than the absurd amount of 10’s on this site right now. I hate dubbing albums perfect, but I don’t shy away when I consider one part of that category. I review CDs as I hear them, which is both as a casual listener and music enthusiast. This site is not meant to be overly picky about music, nor too lenient, but instead a pleasant mix.

Also keep in mind several of the 10’s were given by a former contributer, who was far less concerned with giving them away like candy.

I appreciate the feedback, and I hope you stick around.

6. IrishAngel - August 27, 2009

I like the new color scheme – find it much easier to read

7. Flyfreak - January 15, 2010

Andrew, sorry I haven’t ventured over here sooner….Well written reviews…How did you come up with the awards? I agreed with all of them except MT….They stink….

8. Flyfreak - January 15, 2010

Also, is there anyway you could have the comments running under the review? It would be cool to see them and respond right on that page…Just a thought…..

9. rawkfistmusic - January 16, 2010

Nice to see you around Fly! I can certainly see if there’s something I can do with the comments.

I imagine you’ll be seeing plenty of my reviews in the near future anyway. Us Rawkers have to stick together.

10. Jebin - May 24, 2013

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