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Adelitas Way – “Adelitas Way” (2009) August 16, 2009

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2009, Adelitas Way.

Written by Andrew Hart

Promising new acts continue to burst onto the scene in 2009, continuing with Las Vegas rockers Adelitas Way.  True to the heritage of their hometown, Adelitas Way is all about putting on a show and blowing away their audience, as they’re happy to make apparent on their self-titled debut.  Strong hooks lead the charge through much of the album, propelled forward by vocalist Rick DeJesus, who stretches his vocal cords most prominently on album opener and first single “Invincible.”  Popular already thanks to the affiliation to WWE Superstars, “Invincible” has all the makings of a rock and roll smash, with it’s undeniable prescence and nonstop pace.  This trend rocks continually through songs like “Scream” and “My Derailment,” though both remain strong in their own ways thanks to notable choruses and great pacing.  The latter in particular is notable or these reasons.

The softer side of Adelitas Way is exposed a few times throughout to distribute the weight of the disc a bit.  “Closer To You” is atmospheric and emotional, standing as one of the most noteworthy cuts on the album.  The same cannot be said of it’s late-album sibling, the aptly titled “Brother.”  Though lyrically “Brother” is one of the better tracks from Adelitas Way, it’s sadly remiss of anything else.  The pacing of the song doesn’t fit the emotional baggage of the theme, and it makes this closing track a downer for all the wrong reasons.  Still, “Brother” is one of the few misses on an album full of gems like the intense “So What If You Go” and the ethereal “All Falls Down.”

While some of these tracks showcase the lyrical potential of Adelitas Way, tracks like “Scream” and “Dirty Little Thing” seem to lower the bar the band has set for themselves.  Although strong in instrumental quality and hook, the band jumps on the cock rock bandwagon a little too comfortably with lyrics like “I like it when we’re up against the wall.”  While I’ve never been one to crucify a band for hopping on the party traditions of old school rock and roll, a band with as much potential as Adelitas Way seems to be squandering chances on pleasing an album-wanting audience.  There’s no denying the hooks of each cut on this disc though, and the debut album from Adelitas Way will offer up plenty of replay on your MP3 player to whet your rock appetite.

8 out of 10 – Download “Closer To You”

Adelitas Way is | Rick DeJesus – Vocals | Chris Iorio – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals | Keith Wallen – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals | Derek Johnston – Bass, Backing Vocals | Trevor Stafford – Drums, Backing Vocals



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