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Sick Puppies – “Tri-Polar” (2009) August 6, 2009

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Written by Andrew Hart

Nothing will get you attention like an Australian accent, an attractive bass player that tears the house down, and a bunch of free hugs.  What band could possibly have all three?  How about a band of three, calling themselves Sick Puppies, who roar into 2009 with a sophomore effort that’s catching on like wildfire.  After their 2007 single “All The Same” roared throughout the world thanks to the “Free Hugs” campaign, the australian threesome have stormed into the current year with songs like “War” used to promote the Street Fighter IV video game, and “You’re Going Down” being used in professional wrestling.  The newly acquired tough guy persona is a big shift in persona, but how well does it work with a band known for interesting lyrics and relatable subject matter?

Well the aforementioned songs are certainly a trip, that’s for sure.  Though shallow and anything but chivalrous, “War” and “You’re Going Down” are visceral and addictive from the drop of a hat.  Flooded with rough, angry vocals and unstoppable instrumentals, these two singles and their counterpart “I Hate You” are quick standouts on an album that takes a lot of listens to fully grip.  Once you slip past these easily accessible anthems, you’re suddenly swimming in subject matter that brings you back to Sick Puppies’ debut effort.  “Riptide” is an odd song from this batch with it’s big change in tone from verse to chorus, but it still stands out as a strong and relatable track.  Just about the biggest standout is “Don’t Walk Away” which is also one of the biggest changes in sound.  Toned down and acoustic for great portions of the song, “Don’t Walk Away” is a big change from tracks like “War”, but it’s soaring and catchy chorus will have you coming back time and again.

Tri-Polar, as the album is called, is not without faults.  Many of the songs blend into each other too well like the period from “So What I Lied” to “Maybe”, a stretch that contains four songs.  While each is fine on it’s own merits, none really stand out on a straight listen of the disc, especially the bland “Maybe.”  “Odd One” is also a poor song overall, lacking any sort of memorability.  On top of these issues, tracks like “War” and “You’re Going Down” may be addictive and fun, but their shallow lyrics are a major step down from many of the songs on the Puppies’ 2007 debut.  Many of the stronger lyrical songs are the least accessible ones, and thus it takes many spins to figure out Tri-Polar. While there is a decent amount of material to enjoy on this album, there is also a lot that wouldn’t be missed, which makes for an erratic experience.

6 out of 10 – Download “Don’t Walk Away”

Sick Puppies is | Shimon Moore – Vocals, Guitar | Emma Anzai – Bass, Backing Vocals | Mark Goodwin – Drums



1. K-God - August 16, 2009

They seem to be doing a lot of roaring and stomping around. Hmm.
Cool in concert tho!

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