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Echovalve – “Echovalve EP” (2009) June 9, 2009

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2009, Echovalve.

Written by Andrew Hart

With one relatively standard debut album behind them, Atlanta’s Echovalve has no doubt been hard at work refining their sound and preparing for a stellar sophomore effort.  In between full projects, it seems the aforementioned band has made it their goal to prove how much they’ve improved and upgraded the sound of the band, which is why the rock music world has been blessed with a three song gem from the three piece Georgians.  The self-titled EP is short and sweet (much like this review), but will have you coming back for more again and again.

Starting things off is the newest single from the boys of Echovalve, and rightfully so.  “Because of You” is an explosive rock anthem that belongs on the radio this very second, and at the very least will be spinning in your head for days on end.  It’s easily the most straightforward track of the release and therefore is the easiest to get into right off the bat.  The frantic pacing of the song creates an addictive atmosphere, combined with a perfect arrangement of vocal and instrumental switch-off on the chorus.  “Because of You” is one of the strongest tracks of the year, even throwing in a short and awesome guitar solo.  “Intoxicating” is much unlike it’s predecessor in that it’s unconventional and will take multiple listens to break ground.  The soft intro is misleading in the case of this track, it picks up considerably though does not have near the hard rock vibe of “Because of You.”  Both are catchy and interesting, but each in its own way.

The seriously-we’re-already-at-the-finale song “Too Late” is different from the two before it, rounding out a surprisingly diverse three pack.  This song grips you with it’s softer tone on the verses, only to pull you into an emotional powerhouse of a chorus, largely pushed along by some strong vocal showing.  By the end of this closer you’ll be begging for more, and rightfully so.  While nothing unique at any of their given positions, all of the members of Echovalve are good at what they do, and they have demonstrated an ability to put together a catchy arrangement of music that’ll have you spinning this trio over and over and over.

While not one to hand out perfect scores to full albums of ten or more, it’s much easier to deem Echovalve’s self-titled EP perfect for what it is.  It’s an EP, a relatively standard one at just three tracks, but each track within the EP is a unique ride that ends in the same drug-like addiction.  Anyone who can listen through all three songs without being immediately compelled to one is out of their mind, and anyone who listens multiple times and can’t find even more to enjoy can safely join the other guy.  For what this is, it’s an absolutely perfect collection, a fantastic showcase of an up-and-coming band with a few big statements to make.

5 out of 5 – Download “Because of You”

Echovalve is | Mathiew Nevitt – Vocals | Jay Langston – Guitar | Ryan Myers – Bass



1. K-God - June 13, 2009

sounds neat!
What does EP stand for?

2. Jake S. - June 18, 2009

EP stand for “Extended Play”, much like LP stands for “Long Play”. Basically they both just mean that the collection of songs is longer than a single, but shorter than a full record.

Also I finally listened to this. It’s pretty bitchin.

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