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Skillet – “Comatose” (2006) March 18, 2009

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2006, Skillet.

Written by Andrew Hart

There’s catchy music, and then there’s damn catchy music, and just one listen to the Christian rockers known as Skillet, and you’ll have a pretty good idea which side of that line they fall on. Followers of the band since it’s inception in 1996 will be the first to admit the band has come a long way too, evolving more than most bands do in their decade of activity leading up to their seventh studio album, Comatose. Perfecting the art of crafting truly compelling songs can’t be easy, but all of Skillet’s hard work is paying off, as they’re more than happy to demonstrate.

Comatose opens with strings and a blistering guitar intro known as “Rebirthing.” This track is perfect for those either getting their first taste of Skillet, or those eager to see where the band’s evolution has taken them this time. The combination of keyboard, strings, male/female vocals, and memorable riffs is incredibly unique and makes “Rebirthing” an insane feat as it stands. One listen to it and you’ll already be thinking it’s one of the best songs you’ve heard in a while, but Skillet isn’t content to give you just one. Stepping right into “The Last Night,” a song about saving a young girl from suicide, you’re introduced to the same kind of material in an entirely different pattern. The uplifting message of the songs is matched by Skillet’s intensity in everything they do.

“Yours To Hold” is next on the agenda, a power ballad that’s quick to show off the singing chops of John Cooper. His voice carries a rough tone, while still being crystal clear. It doesn’t immediately strike you as a powerful and recognizable voice, but you’ll be noticing it quicker than you expect when Skillet pops up on shuffle in your music library. “Yours To Hold” is the easiest way to distinguish his voice, as being of the ballad persuasion, it has a little less of the epic instrumentation. Fans of the first two songs need not fret though; not only is “Yours To Hold” beautiful and attention-grabbing in it’s own right, but Skillet will put you right back on track with songs like “Comatose” and “Whispers In The Dark.”

Getting too attached to “Yours To Hold” though? Fear not, Skillet backs it up with “Say Goodbye,” which is the slowest song on the album but retains much of the positive vibes provided by the former. Looking to rock a little harder? Look no further than “Better Than Drugs” or “Falling Inside The Black,” songs that focus more on just flat out rocking than combining with Skillet’s many unique qualities. Through the first ten tracks Skillet pretty much has a twosome for all of your needs as a slave to rock and roll, and whether you’re a devout Christian or just a rocker in need of a pick-me-up, the uplifting messages in each song are fantastic. Skillet doesn’t push their message in most of the songs, so it’s easy to love the lyrical content of each song no matter your religion.

“Looking For Angels” closes the CD with something you haven’t heard yet, an Everlast style spoken word number with a sung chorus. It’s almost like a rap in execution, and although it may sound scary in concept, it’s just as ridiculously catchy and easy to love as the rest of Comatose. In fact, if you haven’t figured it out yet, the whole album is going to be stuck in your head for days. John Cooper’s vocals push forward with great passion in each song, and his wife Korey provides some great backing vocals to really turn up the heat on numbers like “Comatose” and “The Last Night.” Ben Kasica proves more than capable to throw down some great riffs, and former drummer Lori Peters has a great high-energy drumming style (don’t worry, new drummer Jen Ledger is pretty learned as well judging by the live DVD).

When trying to recommend Skillet to someone, going off this last disc, I have merely one question to ask of them. How do you feel about really catchy, well-written, uplifting, rock and roll? If you say you hate the stuff, I probably wouldn’t give you a copy of Comatose (not to mention advise you to steer clear of my reviews). However, were you to say yes, I’d say Skillet is exactly the band you’re looking for. Honestly, this band has all their bases covered, and from start to finish Comatose is a unique and varied experience, unlike anything else you’ve heard. For Christians and non-believers alike, I whole-heartedly recommend this album.

10 out of 10

Download This – “Rebirthing”



1. Josh - March 18, 2009

Hey just recently found your blog. So far I really like it keep up the good work guys.

It’s weird I had just decided that I was goig to download this album and then I come to this site and BOOM! 10 out 10 review. Freaky.

2. Anonymous - March 20, 2009

Keep it up, Grav! Another spotless review for another great band.

3. Skillet - Comatose - Chupa-mos.com - August 16, 2009

[…] […]

4. catherine - August 19, 2010

you’re damn right, this album is magnificent. definitely 10/10

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