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Saliva “Cinco Diablo” (2008) January 5, 2009

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2008, Saliva.

Written by Andrew

Man, do I just hate it when a band with such promise throws so much of it away. After 2002’s emotionally charged Back Into Your System, I’ve been constantly expecting better of Saliva, yet since then have received two largely mediocre albums. Are we as rock fans forever doomed to completely average Saliva albums? Saliva’s newest record, Cinco Diablo, thankfully answers the question, and the answer is a resounding no. We are, of course, condemned to absolutely awful discs.

The first track of the CD begins with “Ladies and gentlemen…” Yeah, I could have pulled that line straight from a review from the 2007 release Blood Stained Love Story, but it still applies here. Opening single “Family Reunion” is a “Ladies and Gentlemen” clone through and through, featuring frontman Josey Scott talking randomly for about a minute, before kicking you in the nards with a pathetic attempt at a hooky chorus. I’d call it the least original track on the album, but that title must instead go to “Southern Girls” which I swear to some random deity, is an absolute thievery of Motley Crue’s “Girls Girls Girls.” Once it hits the chorus, I dare you for one second to try and distinguish the two, because the only difference I could find is that Motley’s is good.

The lack of originality is easily the biggest plague on Cinco Diablo, which is infested with horrible writing and lackluster-sounding music. Short of a guitar solo here, or heaven forbid, some actual singing there, Saliva’s newest record is a thrown together mess of every rock song you’ve ever heard and wanted to burn your ears out following. “Hunt You Down” is clearly the successor to the rap rock line following the already adored “Family Reunion”, as it follows the same exact pattern. I don’t know if Josey Scott simply forgot how to sing on more than 30% of all the songs, but all of “Hunt You Down” is talking or loudly talking on his part. The following “Judgment Day” tries so hard to repair the emotional scars of the five tracks before it, but with lyrics like ““Bang bang, another body goes down in flames,” it seems pretty clear that Saliva is now only interested in writing for the pro wrestling crowd.

Merit? I suppose there’s a couple of points there for Saliva. “How Could You?” has a pretty solid melody, but the chorus relies on the hook provided by “How could you cheat on me, you turned your back on me,” which wins not only most bluntly buzz-killing lyric of the year award, but also the worst rhyme of 2008. Seriously, if I was okay with rhyming “me” with “me” I’d have a five-year-old write some songs for me. “Forever and a Day” suffers a similar fate. The track is the best throwback to the good ole’ 2002 days, but the lyrics are very cliche and bring down the song significantly.

The biggest bright spot on the album is the closing “So Long” which are almost certainly the words you’ve been praying to hear for the last 45 minutes. Josey’s low, dark vocals cut in after an eerie opening segment, and despite not being overly catchy, “So Long” serves as the most complete song on the album, and really the only bright spot. It’s too little too late for Saliva though. The other bright spot in theory would have been Brent Smith’s appearance on “My Own Worst Enemy” but I can’t hear the Shinedown frontman anywhere, probably for the best for the sake of his reputation. I know I’d hate to be heard on this mess of an album.

The Point – Don’t buy this album, don’t steal this album, don’t listen to this album. As far as trash goes, Cinco Diablo belongs at the bottom of the nearest landfill you’re aware of. If you must own this album since you’re a diehard Saliva fan, please wash your hands before and after touching, and clean out your ears following exposure to horrible songwriting and the worst vocal performance I’ve heard in years.

1.5 out 10

Download This – “So Long”



1. K.G.G.Pennington - January 22, 2009

haaarsh. good one, though. Keep it up, Gravity. (irony!)


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