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The All-American Rejects “When The World Comes Down” (2008) January 2, 2009

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2008, The All-American Rejects.

Written by Jake

Oh All-American Rejects, how fond I have grown of you over the years. Your music, much like myself, has grown and matured. Well, matured might be a strong word. In any case you come to me and ask me to do you can favor, to review your newest musical offering, and I agree to your proposition on this day, they wedding of my daughter, with full knowledge th–…Wait, what am I saying. This isn’t the godfather, Marlon Brando is dead.

These Rejects of the All-American variety, however, are most certainly alive and kicking. Given the nature of their last opus, Move Along, one might come to expect a poppy guitar driven slap to the face. You might be looking for catchy singles like the title track or Dirty Little Secret. Well yeah, they’ve got you covered.

When the World Comes Down still has so much more to offer past its shiny, lab coat and boyish charm exterior. The boys from AAR have put together a piece of work that will keep your toes tapping and impress you down to your core. Songs like the borderline cock-rock “I Wanna” and anthemic “Gives You Hell” seem like duplicates of the aforementioned “Move Along” and “Dirty Little Secret” of Move Along, and I guess in a way they are, but somehow they feel more evolved.

Think of it like this: you remember middle school, yeah? Do you remember the one guy or girl that filled the cute-but-i-wouldn’t-wanna-tap-that niche? Ok, now do you remember how smoking fucking hot she became in freshman year? Yeah that’s totally AAR right now. They are an underage slice of jailbait waiting to be taken from….ok yeah you get the point.

Tracks like “Damn Girl”, a seemingly formulaic song about those girls who use you up and toss you aside like a condom, brings to bear not a deeper meaning (please, AAR isn’t known for their depth), but instead a song that’ll get stuck in your head for months and keep you entertained for every last second. If you buy this album never once would you regret it.

Every album’s gotta have a “downer”, right? Well When the World Comes Down’s is entitled “Mona Lisa” and let me tell you, it is anything but a downer. This is the modern equivalent of John Cusak holding a boombox over his head trying to win a girl back. Throw out that 80s shit, Tyson’s got what you need big guy.

The Rejects said they wanted to move away from the guitar-driven qualities of Move Along and instead prove that they can be more than just a band with great hooks. Not only have they stripped this thing down to bare bones but SOMEHOW they have managed to maintain the catchy pre-teen pubescent optimism that haunted their first two albums like Casper the friendly ghost. The thing that got people hooked on AAR in the first place.

The Point – When the World Comes Down is a fine offering from Tyson, Nick, Mike and Chris. They’ve proven their worth as a solid band that can put out more than mindless pop rock time and again with this album. They’ve kept the energy and spunk that made them what they are and have taken on a warm, welcoming somewhat artsy feel (see the castanets in “Another Heart Calls”). The problem lies with the fact that as much as they’ve improved, they haven’t really changed enough to merit grand recognition from anyone. They’ve evolved, yeah, but it’s like a kitten growing into a cat as opposed to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

8 out of 10

Download This – “I Wanna”

Take Two by Andrew

Oh yes, the All-American Rejects aren’t going anywhere. Yes, When The World Comes Down is a simpler CD than past endeavors, but it only makes the appeal of upbeat toe-tappers like “Gives You Hell” much greater. On top of that, the band hits home runs with slow jams like “Mona Lisa” and the home run of the album “Another Heart Calls”. It’s quite a change from their last effort, but given a little time, When The World Comes Down is even easier to swallow.

8 out of 10



1. Claire - January 25, 2009

I like this cd!

2. K.G.G.Pennington - February 6, 2009

I generally like this band… so that’s cool for them? 8 of out 10! yay!

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