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Mudvayne “The New Game” (2008) November 23, 2008

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2008, Mudvayne.

Written by Jake

I’ve gotta tell you, I was not excited going into this new Mudvayne CD business. The first 26 seconds of the first track on The New Game (“Fish out of Water”) is the extra same 3 seconds riff played over. And over. And over some more. Still, I retained a small sense of sanity. Incidentally, the entire time I listened to this CD my feet hurt surprisingly bad.

I still maintain the stigma that Mudvayne is a band whose music can only truly be appreciated if listened to live; and by live I don’t mean a live CD, I mean a full fledged concert. That being said, this CD supports me one-hundred percent.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some absolutely solid songs on The New Game, songs that will be stuck in your head forever (a rarity amongst hard rock and metal music). I think that’s probably due to Mudvayne’s mostly “melodic” use of their vocalist.

As far as the overall sound goes it’s pretty…Mudvayneish? Nothing sounds quite like it, and never has, so it’s very hard to define something as itself. To put it simply, if you’ve liked Mudvayne up until this point, you’ll still be madly in love with them. As long as you promise to zip back up.

This is one of the problems I’ve been seeing lately, however. A lot of bands are comfortable where they are and are sticking with that sounds. They aren’t gaining fans or losing fans, they’re just content with their status. It’s perfectly fine and acceptable, except for the small fact that it makes for sometimes incredibly dull CDs to listen to. Take Indestructible by Disturbed; a solid CD, most definitely, and full of great tracks, but simply a dull thud on the giant cracked cliff that is this year’s musical competition.

There’s no variation, nothing new or exciting this late in the year, and you know when I START complaining about variation the pickings are pretty slim. Somehow we went from an absolutely fantastic first ¾ of 2008 to the “craptastic” (that might be a little harsh) October-December bit. I was sort of hoping, deep down, that Mudvayne might crack that shell and give me something I’m going to listen to more than twice in my entire life.

An odd thing happened while I was listening to The New Game though. The second track, “Do What You Do” sounds like it’s…missing something? For some reason the majority of the song sounds slightly empty.

On the whole Mudvayne’s The New Game is a fine metal CD. Certainly one die-hards will enjoy for ages. Maybe one or two new comers might even want to pick it up, just to give it a try, but frankly it’s no shining star in the sky. But really, how much more could you ask of a band like Mudvayne? Like I said, I hear they put on a great show.

The Point – The New Game is a good metal album and certainly has its merits, but it does nothing to dilute the deluge of dynastic dung that has been dining with our ears this past month or two. I won’t penalize Mudvayne for it, but I will make an example of them. Show us innovation. Show us craft. For god’s sake show us some art.

6.5 out of 10

Download This – “Have It Your Way”



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