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Disturbed “Indestructable” (2008) November 16, 2008

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2008, Disturbed.

Written by Jake

Another year has passed and so has another Disturbed album. I remember the old days of “Down With The Sickness” and “Prayer”, real rock anthems you could bust some faces too. Hell, “Down With The Sickness” was bad ass enough to be used in the movie xXx (read: Triple X). Not that that’s saying much, I mean the star was Vin Diesel.

I’ll warn you right now by saying you shouldn’t go into Indestructible expecting a whole lot of branching out on the Disturbed front. To be frank the album is more of the same stuff we’ve been hearing since their debut, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t rock out loud.

Beginning with the literally war-torn intro to the title track, “Indestructible”, Disturbed’s latest is like a slap to the face and a punch to the crotch. It’ll wake you up, it’ll make you pay attention and it will turn you into a man. Draiman’s vocals are still full of that punch and grit you’ve come to love, the drums are still insane and the guitar is almost maddening.

Like earlier stated, however, there’s just so little new meat on these bones it seems to get a little stale after awhile. It seems after about halfway through that you’re listening to the same song over and over (a flaw I’ve found in every Disturbed CD).

I even found myself growing a little bored during the last two songs on the opus and subsequently had to stop listening for 5 or so minutes. I finished the album, of course, otherwise this review would never have been written, but it was hard folks. Real hard.

There’s little to say about Indestructible just because if you’ve ever read a review of a Disturbed CD then you’ve read the review about this one. The album is great, fantastic even, but it lacks the gritty production and originality that I came to love from Disturbed.

Catchy tracks like “Inside The Fire”, “The Curse” and “Haunted” keep things pretty fresh though. Really I don’t see this album hitting the repeat button more than, say, once, but you’ll certainly have a few personal choice songs you’re going to keep coming back to for the next year or two.

The shortness of this review isn’t a stab against the good ol’ boys at Disturbed, in fact I hope they keep rocking for decades to come, there is just so little to talk about that it’s almost agonizing. To be truthful, Indestructible is, simply put, Disturbed…being Disturbed.

The Point – The stuff you were introduced to with Disturbed’s debut is still rampant and enjoyable on this opus, but a lack of originality and an overproduced sound drag down the score on the behemoth of hell. A tip to the guys in Disturbed: Accordions work wonders.

7.5 out of 10

Download This – “The Curse”



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