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The Drama Club “The Drama Club” EP (2008) November 9, 2008

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2008, The Drama Club.

Written by Andrew

Nick Coyle’s first band, Lifer, was known for it’s heavy, grungy music with loud distortion and thrashing instrumentation. With his second sweep of the block, his aim is different, to create a powerful, melodic, and catchy rock sound. Enter The Drama Club, a Pennsylvania band based out of Breaking Benjamin’s home town and who already has one EP under their belt. Three years after their debut effort “The Drama Club: Greatest Hits” EP, they now return with a six track self-titled effort.

One of the biggest things holding The Drama Club back with the first EP was the lack of a dynamic song to stand above the rest and pull you into the disc. That problem is immediately fixed with this one, as the opener “November” stands above all their other songs as a loud and infectious song with lots of sing-along potential if Coyle’s range wasn’t so damn high. As he screams out at the chorus’ peak “Is there anybody there, please show me a sign, just another lonely night to remember,” his melodic, yet edged voice instantly catches your attention. Things continue on the right track with “Brand New Day” a softer stab at the anthem song which pleasantly features Breaking Benjamin’s Ben Burnley at backup vocals, providing fantastic harmonization to the chorus. Burnley’s well-known voice echoes as a great addition to the song and serves only to improve an already strong effort.

The Drama Club loses the emphatic start right away though with a Talking Heads-esque drum beat to lead into “Company For The Lonely”. All the promising writing that started off the EP is lost on this song by the time you hit the chorus in which the only line “We all need a friend,” is repeated four times. Inspirational maybe, but it’s not enough to keep me listening. Coyle’s voice remains the focal point and as he spreads his range on the verses, he becomes the only thing worth sticking it out for the rest of the track. “Welcome Home” isn’t much of an improvement, and while Coyle again does his best to revive the track, there’s really nothing memorable there.

The disc is saved by the true last track of the EP, “Everybody Wants Some”. Lyrically, the song was stolen from Chad Kroeger’s treasure chest of girls dancing at clubs, but the hard-rocking edge to the song provides it with the emphasis it needs to burn its catchy verses into your brain and have you singing along with every “Come on, come on, does anybody want some.” The final track is only an alternate mix of “Brand New Day” which cuts out the Burnley vocals. Presumably, this is the version you’d hear live. As it stands, The Drama Club shows some improvement with the new EP, as three of the five tracks are winners. Coyle’s vocals shine throughout and show he’s more capable of real singing as opposed to a lot of the growling and screaming he did with Lifer. Sadly, occasionally cheesy writing and little creativity with the riffs leaves this particular EP with little taste remaining afterward.

The Point – Led by Nick Coyle’s strong vocal styles, The Drama Club have put together a few winning songs. Sadly, less-than-fantastic writing has left the other tracks as a bit of a snooze, and makes The Drama Club EP a mixed effort.

3 out of 5

Download This – “November”



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