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Ludo “You’re Awful, I Love You” (2008) October 2, 2008

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2008, Ludo.

Written by Jake

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for those little bands that pop into existence from amidst the chaos and gunfire that is St. Louis, Missouri. Considering I grew up extremely close that shouldn’t surprise anybody. So when I found of about Ludo I was understandably excited. This whole “every rock or alternative band that pops up in STL is awesome” has never failed me once, and it still rings true.

Ludo’s first single off You’re Awful, I Love You (as well as the first track on the album) is entitled “Love Me Dead”. It’s a catchy little tune with really deep lyrics. If I may, “Kill Me Romantically/Fill my soul with vomit then ask me for a piece of gum/Bitter and dumb you’re my sugar plum/You’re Awful, I Love You/ She moves through moonbeams slowly, she knows just how to hold me…” and it goes on from there. Case-and-point, it’s a great song that appeals to the part of everybody that loves their lover and yet absolutely fucking hates their every fiber of living tissue.

By no means does this song describe Ludo’s sound, on the contrary in fact, it sounds nothing (yes folks, that’s a bold AND italicize) like the rest of You’re Awful, I Love You. No, this cross between Go Van Gogh and Panic at the Disco doesn’t last. Those of you hoping for another pop culture indie band hit please stand and leave the room immediately.

Looking on the band’s history of Rock Operas and Christmas albums, it shouldn’t surprise that there’s a song so blatantly unlike their sound on the album. These guys don’t play this stuff for the love of music, money or being famous. They do it because they’re bored, and it works out for us fantastically.

After the acid trip that is “Love Me Dead” you find a slightly generic, yet still surprisingly original core of delicious nougat that retains a sound and taste all its own. The lyrics to Ludo’s songs are presented in a way that the listener begins to believe that the opus was modeled after their own life. It’s kind of unsettling actually. Stalker much? Don’t make us get restraining order guys.

As I’ve made pretty clear by now the quality of Ludo isn’t in their instruments but in their lyrics and vocals. It’s just so damn fun to listen to you can’t stop. Andrew Volpe (vocals) sings so nostalgically that you’ll force yourself to listen to your old 90s Alterna-Rock albums all over again when you’re done with You’re Awful.

Stand-outs on the album include “Please”, a track reminiscent of Our Lady Peace’s “Somewhere Out There” turned All-American Rejects, “Topeka”, a song so Relient K in its presentation and vocals that I had to check 4 times to be sure I wasn’t having any unspun thread pulled over my eyes, and “Go-Getter Greg”, a really funny song in its own right about a slightly pompous and creepy man named Greg who does his best to impress the ladies, his colleagues and often finds himself rambling.

Unlike Greg, who has, “Narrowed down the field”, choosing one song off of this CD to demand you folks download is really difficult. The CD really should be listened to as a whole, not a series of broken songs released to appease the media. So please, please, I am begging you guys, go pick up You’re Awful, I Love You by Ludo from your nearest retailer. You won’t regret it, I promise, and after a few listens you get used to the generic melodies and overused chord progressions.

The Point – Ludo’s You’re Awful, I Love You is an extremely fun, artsy trip to take when needing a break from all those noses you’re busting while listening to Sound of Madness. It does have its flaws (read: it’s all been done before, sans those BEAUTIFUL lyrics) but you move past them pretty quickly and realize the truly awesome power of this grand epoch.

8.5 out of 10

Download This – “Go-Getter Greg”



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