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Saving Abel “Saving Abel” (2008) September 30, 2008

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2008, Saving Abel.

Written by Bree

Dear Jason Null, Blake Dixon, Eric Taylor, Jared Weeks, and Scott Bartlett, I would just like to say: Thank you for creating some of the catchiest tunes I have ever heard in my entire life. Thank you Jared Weeks for meeting Jason Null in 2004. Without you two I would be… well, completely unaware of what I was missing out on, but sad nonetheless I’m sure.

As I vaguely mentioned in the afore mentioned, somewhat pointless but nonetheless entirely excited paragraph, Jared Weeks met up with Jason Null in 2004. By 2005 the two were rockin’ out some southern tunes and acoustic bits. Of course, if you’ve heard the band as of late, you’ll really notice the new electric/alternative breeze to their sound. Before long Jason Null and Jared Weeks came together with Eric Taylor, Blake Dixon, and Scott Bartlett. Together they are one. Together they are Saving Abel.

Saving Abel recently, well, when I say recently I mean within the last year, released their album, self titled Saving Abel. On this album was their first hit single, “Addicted.” Of course there are 10 other sparkly songs on the album as well, but let’s just start with “Addicted” and build pressure. “I’m so addicted to, all the things you do, when you’re goin’ down on me, in between the sheets. Oh the sounds you make, with every breath you take, it’s unlike anything, when you’re lovin’ me.” The orgasmic response is instantaneous. Not only do you have an amazing band, but you have sexy lyrics as well. As an avid fan, and of course a girl, I really must throw it out there: This song boasts such great lyrics, sang by such a sexy voice. Well, the guitar, bass, and drums boast some pretty fancy sounds as well. The entire song is heavenly, and ultimately, as I bust my ass at work, this song is one of the many that will continuously cascade through my mind all day long.

“Its been 18 days, Since I’d look at myself, I don’t wanna have to change, If I don’t then no one will, Is it my state of mind, Or is it just everything else, I don’t wanna have to be here, I don’t understand it now…” Yeah, I love this song as well. This is one of the songs I specifically hoped to see this year at Rockfest. I’d love to throw a bitchfest on some of my reviews, but as you can probably see by now, it’s not going to be with this band. “18 Days,” Boast some true-to-life lyrics with some pretty good emotion coursing through every beat. The lyrics are sung softly, kind of like you’d see in one of those depressing songs we all flip on for a good cry every now and again. The instruments, however, are going at it. The guitar playing starts off gentle, stroking the vocalist’s voice like a little boy with a new kitten. However, with every oncoming word the strumming speeds up, carefully getting more and more strenuous. Before long there is some extremely consistent rockage going on but not too much of course, this song has the PERFECT amount of rockage. Also: don’t use that word in any of your term papers or some such, rockage is definitely not a word. Saving Abel is so badass I had to create a word.

“Cause it’s a beautiful day, It’s a beautiful sunrise, Well I don’t want to see you cry, But I can take away your pain, The feelings just the same, But I can’t stand to see you cry.” This song is introduced with a piano. Yes, I said a piano. My attention is caught, but as that sexy voice begins stretching lyrics across my mind, I fall a little deeper. Slowly, what sounds like a violin is inducted into this musical montage. As I’m straining to figure out what instrument could possibly be sending such pretty sounds my way, the drums make their entrance. The beat is steady, not fast, not slow. Oh, it’s such a pretty song. I have a soft spot for songs like this. Yes, I love my angry, angry rock, and I love me some indie and alternative, but this song is just glorious. I like the throbbing flair this song boasts.

“Does it hurt to hear me say,That I never really meant to stay,I left you right where I want you, Now there’s nothin’ left, And not a reason, There’s nothin’ left to believe in, When just one remains, I’ve sailed away.” If I had to pick a favorite song on this album, I would pick this one. I don’t really have a particular reason. Every now and again a song plays and I feel like it was destined for me. Yeah, you know the feeling. “oh my holy hell they KNOW about me.” Yeah, one of those feelings. Included in this song is a very comforting acoustic guitar, with some very down to earth drumming. It’s a single beat being played. The lyrics are on full tilt, catching everyone’s attention while the drummer and guitarist are probably trying to decide how to shock you next. Which I’m positive that’s what they were going for, because they shock me twice by going from really chill and slow to loud and clashing ownage. Prepare to listen to this song over and over.

In conclusion I just want to say that this album is more like an 11 out of a 10. Jake, Andrew, I know that doesn’t shock you, because you know I think this band is nothing short of godly. However, I can’t GIVE it an 11 out of a 10, (I don’t think), So I’m settling for a perfect 10. Go buy this album, or you could just illegally download it, they’re totally worth going to court for.

10 out of 10

Download This – “18 Days”

Take Two by Andrew

Saving Abel is a band which for all intents and purposes lack originality and anything that would make them stand head and shoulders above most other new rock bands. What they do have working for them is some damn catchy songwriting and enough talent to get by on every position in the band. They’re not world-breakers, but it’s great music nonetheless.

8.5 out of 10



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