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Review – Taproot "Our Long Road Home" (2008) September 23, 2008

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2008, Taproot.

Written by Jake

On the whole, Taproot has always had a little bit of a soft spot in my heart. “Poem” absolutely tore me up inside, it was one of the most beautiful rock songs I’d ever heard. So obviously when I got the change to listen to Our Long Road Home I was expecting nothing less than 7 out of 10.

This would usually be the part of the review where I tell you guys something like, “Sadly, I was disappointed yet again”. Yeah, well, I pretty much got what I asked for. Our Long Road Home is a great CD, but like the title entails, it’s a very long road to travel down.

Our Long Road Home is like driving in a car with three or four good friends. It’s good for the first few hours (or tracks), and then you start to get sick of each other. Your individual little ticks start to annoy the hell out of everyone else, and pretty soon you’ve pulled over and are wrestling in the dirt on the side of the road. Not a happy place to be for sure.

The first half of Our Long Road Home is absolutely delicious, if not a little drawn out and unnecessary. None of the songs stand out incredibly, and it’s a little bit like watching a seizure patient; entertaining, then a little bit sad. There is really nothing of import to point out on the first or second half of this 12 track opus.
Not to say that it isn’t worth giving a listen. As background noise it works wonderfully. In fact, if you aren’t intent on the music and occupying your time with something else, I think you might even enjoy it a little bit more. That also sounds a lot worse than I mean it to sound.

Either way, Our Long Road Home’s best pieces are probably “Path Less Taken”, “Be The 1” and “Karmaway”, the third being quite an enjoyable sweetly put together ballad the first few listens. After that it just meshes in with the rest of the CD as background noise.

“Path Less Taken” is a breath taking opener that deserves at least being downloaded as a singular song and “Be The 1” seems like the only slightly reasonable idea for single. It would certainly give Taproot all sorts of mainstream appeal and maybe bring a little bit more attention to their older pieces (which you should totally go buy right now if you don’t already own them).

Sadly, Our Long Road Home is just as mediocre as I suspected. Taproot has stuck to their guns a bit too long and it seems their career is starting its inevitable downward spiral.

The Point – Taproot’s Our Long Road Home isn’t a terrible CD, but don’t bother picking it up unless you see it in a bargain bin for four bucks or less. If you’re a fan of Taproot then by all means, of course, pick it up.

6.5 out of 10

Download This – “Be The 1”



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