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Review – Brian ‘Head’ Welch "Save Me From Myself" (2008) September 23, 2008

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2008, Brian Head Welch.

Written by Jake

Having never been a huge fan of Korn, when I was told Brian “Head” Welch was releasing a solo CD my first thought was, “Wait, who the fuck is that?” Needless to say, I am very…underwhelmed.

As I said, I never followed Korn much, but I had listened to enough of their music to get the gist of what they were about. Dark lyrical content backed up by a very metalesque guitar/drum combo and occasionally some post production. Sounds very “me”, right? Quite the contrary, actually, as I usually find Korn’s pieces of art to be somewhat shallow at best or completely unneeded. Think: “Twisted Transistor” and “Ya’ll Want a Single”.

So case-and-point, after picking up Head’s “Save Me From Myself” I was expecting mediocrity at best. I was happily surprised to find that I found this album much more tolerable than most of the stuff he did with Korn, which is severely odd seeing as when you listen to it you could swear you were listening to the latest Korn opus. Yet at the same time, you are absolute certain it’s not.

Let me explain myself, if I may, by using the first track on the album as an example. “L.O.V.E” is an odd little opener with a promise that it keeps. If I may use an extremely bad pun, you will “love” this song. The dark moody feel of the lyrics is very unique and the melodic nature of the track is surprising. However, the fact remains that it sounds like a b-side of “Untitled”.

The album takes a severely frightening turn with the song “Re-bel”. In the beginning of the song small children can be heard singing the lyrics, “My step daddy hates me so he hits me all the time”. Yeah, I know, I was flabbergasted.

The entire album is like that, sans the creepy “my daddy beats me” confession from little kids. The songs are dark, grungy and all inexplicably catchy. An especially surprising fact considering Welch has supposedly turned a new leaf and found Christianity. Not very often do you see a Christian album with such masochistic intensity.

Not to note it as a bad thing of course, as other notable tracks include, “Home”, an interesting little tidbit who’s lyrics you will never remember but won’t be able to stop listening to, as well as “Die Religion Die”. I think I’ve said enough about the oddity of the latter.

Listening to the album is extremely confusing at points, more specifically if you’re trying to point out songs that would likely become singles. Every single song on this CD is catchy and entertaining enough to hold more than their own on Rock charts for a respectable time, and yet they all lack a certain quality that radio listeners seem to crave like chocolate. Head has flipped a bitch with this CD and made his songs deep.

The tracks on Save Me From Myself leave you with a sense of fulfillment once you realize what the hell he was talking about. Kind of like the feeling you get after having a spirited debate with a chum.

Perhaps that’s the great draw of this album. It’s like listening to a good friend that you’ve known your entire life and suddenly realizing you had no clue what they were capable of doing. It’s a good feeling, one that I can’t seem to explain in text very well. I guess you’ll just have to go pick up the album. Trust me, it’s worth it.

The Point – Brian “Head” Welch’s debut solo album Save Me From Myself is a fantastic album with 11 fantastic songs on it, but the fact that it sounds so much like a new Korn album is a little disconcerting. Not to mention the fact that a few of the these lyrics seem a little explicit even for me. All in all though, it’s definitely worth dropping $10-$13 on.

9 out of 10

Download This – “Re-bel”



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