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Review – Buckcherry "Black Butterfly" (2008) September 21, 2008

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2008, Buckcherry.

Written by Andrew

Buckcherry hardly ranks among the most respected rock bands in the industry today. The band has earned their fame from hit songs “Crazy Bitch” and “Lit Up” and a considerable amount of the lyrics are exactly what they sound like. Buckcherry doesn’t care though, they do nothing to pretend this isn’t their forte, and touring with bands like Motley Crue seems to be the perfect fit for the new generation of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll band.

Black Butterfly is the newest album since 15 produced megahit “Sorry” and now that Buckcherry’s found some mainstream acclaim they’ve – well they haven’t changed at all. Their super-catchy gener-rock sound returns in style with the addictive “Rescue Me”. Those unfamiliar with Buckcherry will be frustrated by the vocal quality of Josh Todd, a voice that certainly takes a degree of getting used to. Once you jump over that barrier though, the opening track is one of the best Buckcherry has to offer and will have you singing along by the second listen, fitting since the song is also available in the popular Rock Band video game series.

“Tired Of You” picks up where the lead-off track left off with a much more party-type song than the previous. Unlike The Exies ballad of the same name which croons about love for another, this “Tired Of You” is Buckcherry’s way of dropping a big f-u at the people in your life who you really just don’t care for. The shallowness of the lyrics is certainly familiar and only gets worse with the album’s first single “Too Drunk.” Though it may eventually catch on as you listen to it, the tune and lyrics are absolutely atrocious. As far as a single choice concerns, it’s clear that it’s Buckcherry’s follow-up to “Crazy Bitch” but it misses the addictiveness and fun feelings of that super-hit by a longshot.

It’s fitting that since “Too Drunk” may be the source of many nightmares to come, that “Dreams” be the next song and the first ballad on an album that I expected to have many after the success of “Sorry”. However, “Dreams” sounds more like 15′s “Everything” which is a damn good thing. Of course the lyrics are still lowbrow and hardly poetic, the fluidity of the song is top-notch and there is a degree of emotion not found in most Buckcherry songs. “Talk To Me” and “A Child Called It” return to Buckcherry’s formula of rocking party anthems with only a slight degree of success.

Realistically that is all that needs to be said of Buckcherry’s newest release. Every song pretty much falls under the party-rock category (“Fallout” “Imminent Bail Out”) the touchy ballad (“Don’t Go Away”) or the plain and ridiculously bad (“Cream”). Buckcherry is the same band it’s always been with mediocre riffs, vocals, drums, you name it. Average is the best word to describe this band, but as always, they’ve managed to concoct a few decent hits and enough good enough songs to produce another satisfying album for the people who can stomach their style. Black Butterfly isn’t revolutionary, and isn’t for everyone, but at least it’s got a little bit of charm.

The Point – Buckcherry’s not gonna win over any new fans or critics, but they also stick to their guns and prove that they’ll make the music they want to make, even if it’s not all that great.

5.5 out of 10

Download This – “Dreams”



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