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Review – 3 Doors Down "3 Doors Down" (2008) September 21, 2008

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2008, 3 Doors Down.

Written by Bree

It all began in 1994 deep in Mississippi when Vocalist and Drummer Brad Arnold linked his skills with Matt Roberts and Todd Harrell, guitar and bass consecutively. From there on out I find it easiest to say that they performed a song called “Kryptonite,” which I’m sure everyone has heard at least 55 bazillion times, so there’s just no point in describing the effects of that song as far as their careers go. After the performing of this song they signed their John Hancocks to the bottom of a Universal Records contract. Since then they have sold more than 15 million albums worldwide. Now, out on the shelves is their next big selling album, self titled 3 Doors Down.

“Put me on a train mama, ’cause things just ain’t the same no more, Put me on a train mama, I’m leavin’ today.” I can give you lyrics to this ferocity, but I can’t transfer the actually musical taste in it all. The song starts out with a few pounds on a drum- just a simple noise that seems to awaken the anticipation of us all. I’ve been a fan of these guys since the start and I just used to love how their style never changed. Now I feel as though it could certainly use a makeover. The lyrics are heartfelt and based off of subjects I think everyone encounters now and again, which, sadly is nothing original whatsoever. The drumming in the song stays simple. Snare, snare, cymbal, cymbal, pedal. The guitar however, is tearing up the stage. You can picture Matt Roberts and Todd Harrell, and now of course Chris Henderson playing it up. If there’s nothing else to say about this song, then at least it provides a few good visuals of some real musical talent.

Track 2 is the winner on this album. If you listen to absolutely nothing else on this otherwise insignificant metallic disc, please, please listen to “Citizen/Soldier”. I don’t know how many of you readers actually know someone in the national guard, but if you do, this song is dedicated to them. This is the band that wrote a song specifically for the soldiers out there fighting for something they believe in. “On that day when you need your brothers and sisters to care. I’ll be right here. On that day when you don’t have strength for the burden you bear. I’ll be right here.” The lyrics start off low, slowly climbing in volume and force. The guitars are both going at it in the background, and yet, again, the drumming remains calm and controlled. The sound of the song is full, you just really honestly think there’s more to it than there is. No disappointment is afforded to the listeners and you find that this song is a monumental praise to an otherwise disappointing lineup.

The entire format of these review things get rather monotonous after a while, but I find it easiest to feel how this song goes, rather than explain it. Picture this: You’re 18 years old and living the melodramatic life that is high school with a rather broken family. These statements in themselves could sum up the song, but no, you really have to hear deeper. 3 Doors Down put words to every emotion you could never explain to your shrink. Even better, these emotions now have music to them. Unfortunately 3 Doors Down wasn’t the first to accomplish this, for every other band attempts this teenage angst thing at least once or twice. “Now the current’s slowly pulling me down , It’s getting harder to breathe, It won’t be too long and I’ll be going under, Can you save me from this.” “It’s Not My Time,” is summed up with two guitars, bass, drums, and a kickass vocalist. There’s a simple tune involved that complicates on certain riffs while keeping the same patterns. The cymbals are euphoric, causing you to put each thought on a pedestal as you’re slowly recovering from a hard day. I have done this song little justice trying to explain it- just do yourself a monumental favor and listen to it, for this song full of angst was at least more successful than others.

“Let me be Myself,” is another radio overplay, which is why I’m sure a lot of you will ignore it at this point, sort of like how I myself would like to. This isn’t my favorite song on the album, for I do find it rather unappealing as far as 3 Doors Down goes. The song is more soft rock than it is alternative, as well as rather repetitive when it comes to lyrics. “I guess i just got lost being someone else, I tried to kill the pain, But nothing ever helped, I left myself behind.” As you can see it’s not the smashing beat that we‘re all used to from 3 Doors Down. Rather disappointing when it comes down to it.

Overall I do find this album appealing enough for the most part. This review covers a mere 4 out of 12 tracks, so there’s plenty more to go around. Relating to past albums, I find that this one isn’t the best, or even close to the best for that matter, though it does have a great many wonderful, or at least decent tracks on it. Their originality could used tweaked a bit, instead of writing about the same old stuff all the time. On one final note: I believe this album was a decent success, and I think that everyone should listen to it regardless of taste, who knows, you could find yourself at one of three hundred or so concerts 3 Doors Down do every year.

7.5 out of 10

Download This – “It’s Not my Time”

Take Two by Andrew

For years 3 Doors Down had been nothing but mediocre in my eyes and they thankfully buck that trend somewhat with their self-titled opus. Some of the album is less than memorable but many songs such as “It’s Not My Time” and “Pages” stand out as some solid tracks from a fairly talented band. It took a while for this album to grow on me, but it’s capable of spending some time in your stereo.

7.5 out of 10



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