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Review – Course of Nature "Damaged" (2008) September 3, 2008

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2008, Course of Nature.

Written by Andrew

Six long years since Course of Nature’s little know debut, Superkala, the hard rockers from L.A. finally return with Damaged, their sophomore effort off of Silent Majority Group records. Despite the success of their single off of Superkala, “Caught In The Sun,” Course of Nature has been flying well under the radar for some time largely due to their absence (3) from the industry. Yet it’s clear that vocalist and guitarist Mark Wilkerson hasn’t lost the touch that not only gained him acclaim for Superkala but also for being the writing genius behind Chris Daughtry’s smash “It’s Not Over.”

Damaged begins with possibly the best song the band’s yet conceived, a hard rocking track called “Anger Cage.” The lead off single is powerful and catchy and the lyrics are somewhat meaningful, thankfully. Though the song may blend in a quite a bit to today’s modern rock scene, it will still stand out as one of the more memorable tracks on the radio. Following up this track is a quasi-ballad known as “Right Before My Eyes” and then the fast-paced, catchy-as-hell “Time Is Slipping Away.” This strong trifecta of songs is a good way to open up the album, especially for those skeptical of the band following the long lay-off.

“Live Again” stands out as a fantastic middle of the CD track and while the album loses some momentum into the latter half of the CD, it thankfully picks right back up with “World At War” and “Forget Her.” Though some of the middle tracks aren’t the strongest songs in the world, it’s hard to complain when the band manages to keep the production high, the riffs crashing in, and Wilkerson’s fine rock n’ roll vocals shining through.

The lyrics for the songs are varied, which makes for a wonderful experience while listening through the album, making for one of the album’s highlights. The themes differ in each song and every emotion is represented here, from insane rage, to blissful joy, to crushing sadness. It only continues to help because Wilkerson’s voice is perfectly suited for each song, making him the ideal fit for a band trying to break out.

Damaged is an excellent return to the fray for Course of Nature, with the only major downside being the mere ten tracks on the CD, a number one would think would increase following a major amount of downtime. The lasting appeal of the album suffers a bit for this, but it is still easily one of the more memorable albums of the year from a band we’ve waited far too long to hear from.

The Point – Course of Nature’s return to the fray is your standard modern rock outing with a bit of flair thanks to impressive vocals and writing.

8 out of 10

Download This – “Live Again”



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