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Review – Earshot "The Silver Lining" (2008) September 2, 2008

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2008, Earshot.

Written by Bree

“We were essentially counted out by many. Our departure from Warner Brothers Records only added to our determination not to let corporate decisions determine our artistic voice. After all, THAT’s what rock music is really all about…believing in yourself, overcoming adversity and taking that chance when the odds are against you.” That’s what Vocalist Will Martin told the world in 2005, but proved it all in early 2007 when EARSHOT signed with InDeGoot / Fontana/ Universal Recordings. Produced by Brian Garcia and co-produced by Will Martin started the album that is The Silver Lining, and now, as September 2008 peaks upon us, their work is complete and ready to hit the markets.

The Silver Lining offers 11 tracks of alternative rock, but I think I honestly only appreciate about… 8 or so of them. Starting from the top, it kind of ticked me off when I realized that the first three songs start off the same. Sadly it wasn’t even an original kickoff, it was the same damn fade in that it seems like everyone uses. I kept thinking my computer was messing up and repeating everything. Luckily it changes abruptly after the first 7 seconds or so. Track 1: “Closer,” is nothing original, it’s something I’ve heard a couple million times before- same ole same ole. On that note, the good news is that it’s one of those you don’t MIND hearing over and over. The lyrics are alright and the guitar and drums are in good sync with the vocalist’s sound- it all matches up well.

Now, with most cases you have to keep listening no matter what your first insight on an album was, so that’s exactly what I do. Moving on to Track 2: “Don’t Hate Me.” Well, I don’t hate them, but I’m not loving them for this song either. Once again, I find it average at best. I’m not a fan of the “DON’T HATE ME,” being screamed in the background and I don’t so much like the flavor the lead vocalist brings forward either. Now, for something this song DOES offer- there are some pretty fantastic guitar riffs being produced when the vocalist takes a break about halfway through the song.

I’ve been writing this review for a few days now, for I really didn’t actually have an opinion to offer the first two or three times I listened to this stream. I think I thought that I could produce some kind of valiant response after a short break from them, so here I am again, getting stuck on Track 3: “MisSunderstood.” This song is the best damn song on the album- not to mention it’s definitely hitting a mix CD for my car ASAP. “Sing a song with me , Hush the quiet scream inside, See the world through different eyes, Hear no more the sound of lies…” The lyrics are dangerous, insightful, and definitely stuck-in-my-head material. The vocalist sings them tenderly at first, and then you start to feel his voice as well. He’s got the sound down perfect for the words he’s singing. The guitarist is caressing his words, bringing them out and shoving them at you. You’ll love the song more that the rest for sure.

I can’t help but feel that I say the same thing for every single song, and what’s irritating about that, is that I feel the same thing about every song- which quite frankly, as you can see, is nothing phenomenal, except for “MisSunderstood.” Track 9: “Pushing to “Shove,” is something else. I like it, which is good because I was starting to tire of all the in-between songs on the album. Your lead vocalist drones out about halfway through, and one or two more people start forcing, “Pushing to shove, Pushing to shove…. I won’t be afraid,” on you. It’s quite a nice touch, Shower it with adoration, for it will be a favorite. The entire song is mixed together nicely and will have you nodding and tapping along with the beat.

After trying to listen to this album for 3 days, I think I’m finding that I definitely missed Track 11: “Go,” because now that I’ve gotten to it, I’m simply… WHOA. I thought I was listening to music underwater for a minute. The song starts out… damp and constricted, exactly as if it were being played from the undercurrents of the Pacific. The medieval rock sound has disappeared momentarily and produces a rather soft sound. The vocalist starts with a faded, gentle, somewhat tender sound. Of course now that I’m grinning like an idiot, and thinking “YES. IT’S DIFFERENT FROM THE REST,” it hits that low point where it starts to sound like every other song on the album. Which, again, not horrible because the songs on here are really quite decent, but hey, it definitely started out wonderful.

I can’t really throw a truckload of praise out there for The Silver Lining, but I can definitely say that I enjoyed it to an extent. It’s a pretty good album, I just wish that all the songs didn’t sound so similar. Earshot Talks about wanting to sound different, be creative and what not, and then they joy that average plateau that everyone else is standing on.

8 out of 10

Download this – “MisSunderstood”

Take Two by Jake

As a somewhat avid fan of Earshot, I waited anxiously for their latest installment. The Silver Lining dropped and I was ecstatic. I popped it in and was treated to the same Earshot I had come to know and love. Unfortunately, the over used riffs and now generic lyrics of the album left me in wanting. I, sadly, have since sold the CD (for a surprising 10 bucks) and kept only a few choice tracks. If you’re an Earshot fan, do yourself a favor and stay away from this one, it might ruin your perception of the band. If you’ve never liked Earshot, pick this up and beat it with a hammer. It won’t get anything done, but you’ll finally have the last laugh.

6.5 out of 10



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