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Review – Lynam "Tragic City Symphony" (2008) September 1, 2008

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2008, Lynam.

Written by Bree

The year was 2001 and the breakup of Jacob Bunton’s big name band, Mars Electric, had just torn, no doubt, hundreds of fans to pieces. Of course you can all rejoice now, because that was ages ago and the ever so acclaimed band, Lynam, Featuring Jacob Bunton, Mark Dzier, and David Lynam, is here to take that there’s-something-missing-feeling away from your hearts forever with their 5th album, Tragic Symphony: and if I do say so myself, it will soothe just about any ache or pain, and right now I think I would know that for sure.

Lynam is heavily influenced by the older but still wonderful band Def Leppard, but of course if you’ve ever listened to them before then I didn’t need to tell you that, you’re perfectly aware of it and no doubt loving it. I don’t really feel that this particular group needs any justifying due to their intense greatness, for I feel their music and lyrics do all of the soul searching required within an album, but I don’t mind putting some compliments on their heads.

Now, I’m going to skip around, because, quite frankly I’ve already made a play list and mix disc for my car out of this album. I’m starting with Track 4: “Just Say Anything“. JUST WOW, OKAY? I really do love it. The piano starts out with a soft melody, soothing you in the beginning, and then suddenly the guitar comes in, the song getting quicker just as those emotions start to head up your legs and into your heart. The feelings are just forcing their limits as the bassist comes on in with the drummer, and the song goes from phenomenal to damn near magnificent. You literally want to dance to it, just nod and move around a little bit, feel the song. The lyrics are sensational, and quote just about everything everyone seems to feel on occasion. “Don’t waste your time, on meeeeeeeeee, can’t you see?” Yes, indeed, this is a great song.

Of course after that emotional song you’re going to want to do what I did and hit the seek button until you get to Track 6: “Porn Star“. I know, I know, the title is definitely a marvelous choice, but trust me on this, the song is just plain fun. “I wanna do you like a porn star if you let it get that far, Getting next to you, is all I wanna do, I love the way you dress, looks fallin’ off your chest.” The beat is original and has you fingers and feet tapping the entire time. The vocalist’s voice is stressing each syllable and you can totally feel each and every lyric. The instruments are fun and the riffs are terrifyingly terrific, something you don’t want to encounter on guitar hero if you haven’t been into the game for a few months.

At this point I hope you’re like me and ready for another heart-warming song, because now I’m skipping you down to Track 8: “If you Leave”. The song is slow, soul melting, each and every word coming at you like a million bee stings, making you scream, “hell, I know how that feels.” It’s another one that reminds me strongly of Def Leppard, and I love, love, love it. The lyrics are exactly what the track name indicates, what will happen if you leave. “If you leave, can I go too, if you die, then take me with you.” The song is beautiful, and I guarantee it will keep my repeat button very busy in the following days.

Without further ado, I present thee with Track 10: “Make it Alright”. YUM. The vocalist is taking a new approach from his other songs, and literally piping up his voice straight into the mic, amplifying what he wants to say, pounding it into your ear drums. “You say you couldn’t see the truth, I don’t believe you, believe you, can you MAKE IT ALRIGHT?!” The drums are keeping a extremely steady beat through the entire thing, but the guitar is really intensifying the focus- the lyrics. The riffs bounce on the vocalists voice, making a heavenly metal sound. Once again- I’m thinking this is going to be a Rockband or Guitar Hero hit someday soon, and then EVERYONE can feel like Lynam.

Now, for my last song, I demand EVERYONE listens to Track 12: “Suffer”. “I wanna make you suffer, the way you did to me, I just keep falling further, and I can’t seem to breathe.” I know you’ve all had THIS emotion before, but could you add sweet guitar sounds and drumming to it? Maybe, but in case you can’t, Lynam did it for you. The song is extreme, fillin’ in the cracks and crevices to all those buried thoughts you had that night you cried yourself to sleep because you were so pissed off at that certain someone. It will make it all right, the thoughts will be uncovered, and then just as soon as their exposed to sunlight you forget: because who has time for anger when there’s great music running laps on your brain?

Overall, I just really can’t take any points from this album. I love the entire thing, and my only complaint is that it’s only 12 tracks and ends much too soon for me- I’m sure you’ll feel the same way. Go, stream this band, and when you can, but it and polish it daily, for it will be your friend for years to come.

10 out of 10

Download This – “Porn Star”

Take Two by Andrew

Lynam’s latest effort while certainly admirable is easily not perfect. The talent is there, and many tracks stand out as fantastic and catchy anthems such as “Is This a Heartbreak or a Loaded Gun.” However, Lynam is certainly not particularly overwhelmingly good at anything they do, and while “Porn Star” is quite attention-grabbing, the lyrics are so shamefully bad that it’s hard to stomach it the second the song starts. Tragic City Symphony is a decent enough rock album with shades of old-school rock and roll, but is still a pale imitation of the real deal.

7 out of 10



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