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Review – Groundswell "Wave of Popular Feeling" (1995) July 23, 2008

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 1995, Groundswell.

Written by Jake

Before Three Days Grace was where they are today, Adam, Neil and Brad were part of this little ditty. If you dig through some 3DG fansites you can usually find the first three singles off of “Wave of Popular Feeling” entitled, “Eddie”, “Poison Ivy” and “Stare”.

The album was recorded in 1995 and that is quite apparent, as it has a very grunge-pop feel to it. Adam Gontier’s voice has not yet evolved into the sultry, angry powerhouse it is today, but it’s also not too shabby. Think Pearl Jam and mid-90s alt-rock.

I don’t want to lead you astray, this album is nothing special. In comparison to 3DG’s self-titled and One-X, this CD is hardly worth taking the time to hunt down unless you’re a pretty big fan of them. The solos are generic and often more drawn out than they need to be, and nothing really stands out. Half the time you can’t tell what Adam is saying because of this weird reverb thing they’ve got going on with the vocals.

“Stare” as the first track and third single seems out of place on the record. It’s track placement is extremely odd at #1, as it doesn’t seem like the best album opener. It feels more like a filler piece that they put together at the last minute.

As you listen to this CD, you might discover you’re not quite as far into it as you thought. This is because a lot of the songs on it are significantly longer than they need to be. The way Groundswell presents themselves it would seem like their songs would be quick, short bursts of awesome that leave your ears ringing. This is the exact opposite of what happens, in fact. It’s not abnormal to find yourself bored of a song and skipping to the next.

“Eddie”, the 5th track and 1st single off of the “Wave” seems like something Three Days Grace might write today. It conjures memories of their self-titled opus if it had been toned down just slightly. It also happens to be one of the best tracks on the album, which certainly isn’t a bad selling point. It’s fun to listen to and, contradictory to the rest of the album, it feels like it ends much too soon.

“Snatch” plays like a rejected Ramones song and doesn’t match the uppity, energetic feel it gives you at the beginning. The drums play a bigger part, but the song could’ve been written by a pubescent 14 year-old day dreaming over his hot teacher. That’s not to say it’s not entertaining. I mean, come on, it’s a song about vagina. Still, no one likes bad innuendo songs guys.

On another note, Groundswell is a very stoner-rock type of band. Much like the Led Zeppelins and Pink Floyds of the 70s and 80s, their music is very slow but also very hard. This news will certainly peak a lot of people’s interest, but don’t let those of you who aren’t fans of Led and Pink to be turned away. It’s still somewhat enjoyable sober.

In closing, I’m a big fan of Three Days Grace. Their music inspires me and lets me rock out with my you-know-what out. I’m eagerly anticipating their next studio album, and will certainly buy it on that Tuesday. However, if Groundswell were to put out another record…I couldn’t let people buy it just on a whim. It’s not that great, and it’s not that bad. It’s 3DG before they were 3DG. Before they became the kick ass group they are now. There are kernels of Grace in there, but Groundswell is really a band all its own.

7 out of 10

Download this – “Eddie”



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