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Review – The Offspring "Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace" (2008) June 27, 2008

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2008, The Offspring.

Written by Bree B.

The year was 1984 and vocalist/guitarist Dexter Holland and bassist Greg K, along with fellow guitarist, Noodles, saw a peek into their futures. Local legends Social Distortion playing live at Irvine. Nothing left to say: It was time to deliver. In 1985 Manic Subsidal was introduced at local gigs, but the real deal announces itself in 1986, when the name is shifted to The Offspring and the new drummer, the 4th member, Ron Welty comes on scene. In 1989 The band signs with Nemesis/Cargo and release The Offspring, their debut album. Over 3,000 vinyls are sold. Now, over 19 years later, the band is still delivering with The Offspring: Rise And Fall, Rage and Grace.

I’m sure you all listened to their 7th album, Splinter, which is why I’m sure there’s quite a few not so willing to pop another Offspring CD in the disc changer and lay down precious irreversible moments listening to what could be another huge disappointment. I can’t blame anyone for never wanting to hear the lyrics of The Worst Hangover Ever ever again, but please try and remember back to Americana. The Offspring themselves voice my opinions the best,”Whoa Whoa Whoa, Well my dream has come true.” The Offspring are back and they’re better than ever.

The newest release starts out with a little piece of wonderful called Half-Truism. You’ve got Holland with his strong voice pounding out “If we don’t make it alive/ it’s a hell of a good day to die /All our light that shines strong only lasts for so long”. The image is set for your closed eyes to goggle at as the full band plays to Holland’s voice. The lyrics are speaking straight to you. You couldn’t have started this CD any better.

It’s not one of those CDs you buy for a one track wonder either. The Offspring’s newest album continues to grace its buyers with lyrics that actually MEAN something, which has already knocked Splinter to the depths of my thoughts. The musical sensation continues throughout the entire album. Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace boasts fast paced, high strung rhythm with lyrics that spill out of the vocalists mouth, but track 10 gives this band their little hit of extra. “Fix You” is a 4:19 song that chills me to the bone. The lyrics are marvelous, the singer is completely feeling his words, the instruments are caressing every sentiment of the song. “I wish I could heal you /And mend where you are broken /I wish I could heal you /And I wish you could heal me. I feel nothing but love for this song.”

After listening to the 32 minutes Splinter, I never thought I would listen to The Offspring again. Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace has proved me wrong. I didn’t regret it in the least, and neither will you.

10 out of 10

Download This – “Fix You”



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