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Review – Panic Cell "What Doesn’t Kill Us" (2008) June 26, 2008

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2008, Panic Cell.

Written by Jake S.

Fist pumping, heart pounding, head banging, sex driven British metal. For Panic Cell, I guess 1 out of 5 ain’t bad.

From across the pond comes Panic Cell’s re-release of their newest pile of…well, you get the point. It’s called What Doesn’t Kill Us, and in all honesty they probably should’ve hoped what didn’t kill them had finished the job.

The first track is rather promising. It’s a good intro, fading off into a heartbeat that seems to be prepping you for something truly fantastic. Then they just drop you on your head, making you wonder why you ever bought this CD.

Throughout the entire album nothing stands out. It’s all generic riffs, mediocre lyrics and hyper-driven nonsensical drum lines. I was kind of hoping “Soul Purge” would live up to its awesome name, but no, it’s just another drastic let down.

The album itself has no flow at all. The songs jump around constantly, hard rock for one song them heavy metal in the next. If I may use Andrew’s motto, in this case, “Screaming Isn’t Music”. The guitarist for Panic Cell, however, does shine quite magnificently. His ability exceeds my own (not that hard) and probably a good many rock guitarists out there today. What most people don’t realize is that while metal may not be considered music in most circles, thrashing about a guitar in that kind of way is hard as fuck.

If you must listen to a song off of this CD, make it Stare Into Oblivion. That track, at least, stays true to what metal was meant to be. Granted, it’s nothing special, but it’s the funnest song on the album to listen to, as well as the only song on the album that doesn’t make Panic Cell seem like a group of morons.

I will say that they’ve has put together a few catchy choruses, maybe some interesting backup vocals here and there. In the case of post-production they also shine. Shiny after-shots of sound don’t help them on this endeavor, and the listener is left in wanting. They are probably asking God why he let them by this CD also.

Seeing as these guys are British I kind of expected more. We’ve had so many things come out of the U.K.: Braveheart’s storyline, funny tall black fuzzy hats, the queen of freaking England, the Earl of Sandwhich, the Beatles. All these guys have is this horrible mutant baby of Slipknot and Metallica.

To a mediocre album I give a mediocre score, as a reminder to the members of Panic Cell of how not to suck quite so hard. Better luck next time guys.

5 out of 10

Download This – “Stare Into Oblivion”



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