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Review – Motley Crue "Saints of Los Angeles" (2008) June 21, 2008

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2008, Motley Crue.

Written by Jake S.

I’m going to start off by saying I have never been a huge fan of Motley Crüe. I’ve always found their music to be well written, but never to my liking. Maybe it’s just because I tend to shy away from all 80s rock (something about the production just gets me).

However, I will say that Motley’s latest shindig, Saints of Los Angeles, captured my attention. The entire album is like a big roller coaster. It has its ups and down, and then it has the parts when the brakes snap off and you go careening around a corner at 80 mph, fly 700 feet away and land in the wave pool of the nearby water park. I think I can already hear the drunken frat boys: “Let’s do it again!”

The album’s first song isn’t even a song, though it is a very fitting introduction done by Vince Neil with accompanying background music from the band. It leads seamlessly in to the first real track, “Face Down In The Dirt”. Unfortunately, this song is not only your standard teenage rebellion anti-establishment rocker, but it’s also very forgettable, much like “Just Another Psycho”.

As we continue on this amusement park ride from Hell, we come across the Crüe attempting to take us back to the good ol’ days with “Down at the Whiskey”, which aims to be another “Girls, Girls, Girls” in the sense that you’ll be singing along with this one in the car like you can actually hit a note. At least you’re an optimist.

“Saints of Los Angeles”, the title track, is a GREAT song to comeback upon. The thrashing guitar, not to mention backup vocals from many well-known rock vocalists from this era, work together to make one pounding, fist pumping anthem that will last for generations.

“Mother Fucker of the Year” starts off with promise and ends the same way. The song had me at hello with its post-produced guitar for the first five seconds. Just like “Down at the Whiskey”, this is another car singer. It does drag heavily after awhile, as does “The Animal In Me”, and both never seem to reach the potential they promise.

The next song Motley has to offer, “Welcome to the Machine”, hardly seems like it should be on the album. The track sounds like Motley’s answer to “Welcome to the Jungle”, a song written and performed by Guns N’ Roses. Unfortunately, “the Machine” came just a little too late to hold much of its own.

We now come to my favorite song on the ENTIRE CD. “Chicks = Trouble”, assumingly taking its name from Nikki Sixx’s motto, is just begging to be a breakup song. Not any of those pussy break-ups either, I mean one where you and the chick HATE each other. The kind of break-up that makes you want to bunch a brick wall and laugh at the pain. I would fan boy over this song more if I didn’t have to move along.

The bass heavy “White Trash Circus” leaves a country-esque taste in your mouth that you just can’t seem to remove. I can see the track being a pretty good concert number, but it’s only that: a concert number. Maybe it’s because it seems to be missing something…like a violin and some guy in the background yelling, “YEEEEE-HAAAWWW”

The final track on Saints of Los Angeles, “Going Out Swining”, does just that. It punches you in the sack then sleeps with your mother and never calls. Quite possibly the most bad ass track on the entire CD, after you hear this one you’ll want to listen to the preceding 12 tracks just to get back to this one again. It’s kind of like the last redeeming present on a semi-mediocre Christmas.

All-in-all, Saints of Los Angeles leaves a lot to be desired, but it also fulfills its job quite nicely. It serves as a return to the masses CD for Motley Crüe. Now that the boys are back together again, maybe we can look forward to a follow-up in a year or two. Until then, Saints will have to suffice, but I’ll be skinny and latino if it doesn’t suffice pretty damn well. Final score: 8 out of 10. Well done Crüe, can’t wait for more.

8 out of 10

Download This – “Chicks = Trouble”



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