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Review – Egypt Central "Egypt Central" (2005, 2008) June 18, 2008

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2005, 2008, Egypt Central.

Written by Andrew “Gravity” H.

Egypt Central’s self-titled debut is unique in at least one way, it’s been released twice. The band’s first attempt was to release independently after falling out with Lava Records in 2005, and then after a failed deal with Bieler Bros Records, the Memphis band re-released the album in 2008 with Fat Lady Music. The only difference is the order in which the tracks appear on the album and with the newer version is a crisper more produced sound. Still both discs have the same songs, so nothing is missed by only getting one.

For the sake of clarity, this review will focus on the 2008 version. The album opens with the energetic “Different” a song focusing on the price paid for being unique, a message that falls through given the generic nu-metal feel of the song that will inevitably plague the album. While the opener is a good song, there’s nothing to distinguish it as a good start for the album, anything that makes it a song to pull you into the album. Egypt Central’s lead off single “You Make Me Sick” is the follow-up and it proves to be a stronger track. Frontman John Falls starts to show off his pipes with this number, showing good range and a powerful, emotional voice, and he helps to make this one of the CD’s best tracks.

As the album progresses it delves into more of the same ole’, same ole’. Egypt Central’s next few tracks all kind of run together with the exception of the neat electronic intro to “Taking You Down” and the standout track “Leap of Faith” which brings similar vibes to some of the latest Exies tracks, a mixture of ballad and hard rock. “Leap of Faith” may be the strongest song on the album, once again showing off stellar vocal work from Falls, and some of the better lyrics on the CD.

Past “Leap of Faith” the fifth song on the eleven-track CD, this self-titled opus once again dives into a sea of generic hard rock, and though each song has it’s own merits, the album quickly loses creativity points. Egypt Central tries to fit in with other trendy bands with a politically driven number by the name of “Walls of Innocence” but comes up short with shallow lyrics and generic riffs. Thankfully the album closes with a breath of fresh air, the melodic “Home.” The strongest lyrics and vocal work on the album go to this classy track, which sends the album away with a fresh taste in your mouth.

Not to hate on Egypt Central too much, there is a lot to like here. Each song has catchy choruses, talented enough instrumental work, and good enough vocal work to not make you cringe whenever the lead singer opens up. Sadly though, it’s all been said and done before and the very few standout moments on “Egypt Central” make this album come up just short of other releases. This CD’ll make a good bargain bin deal, but it’s not enough to merit buying over stronger releases in the past few years.

6 out of 10

Download This – “Home”



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