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Review – Rev Theory "Light It Up" (2008) June 17, 2008

Posted by rawkfistmusic in 2008, Rev Theory.

Written by Andrew “Gravity” H.

Fists pumping, legs jumping, mouths screaming. “Hell Yeah” seems to be written for the sole purpose of making sure everyone in the world is headbanging for a solid four minutes. So Rev Theory gets their wish, a band struggling for mainstream acceptance for years, writing anthemic pounding rock n’ roll for a living, finds their hit single. Three long years after the killer debut “Truth Is Currency” Rev Theory has returned with their second attempt at rock fame.

The aforementioned anthem “Hell Yeah” kicks off the 10-song disc with more bite than a rabid wolverine, demanding attention with it’s catchy riffs and lyrics that literally command the listener to scream up a “hell yeah.” The album’s next two songs keep the adrenaline rush coming. “Favorite Disease” while not as catchy, has more than enough shredding to keep the ole’ brain rocking out, and then the title track blows out said brains with flat out explosive rock.

Rev Theory knocks one out of the park with the next one, a slowed down number called “Broken Bones.” Though it kills the rock out vibe pretty quick, it demonstrates the epitomy of a solid ballad, which Rev Theory utilizes later with the standout track “Ten Years” and the Chester Bennington-esque “You’re The One.” All three of these songs may be better than the entirety of the debut album, and shows how far the band has come.

The rest of the album doesn’t disappoint as it captures lightning in a bottle with even more hard rock anthems. “Wanted Man” may have the best chorus on the whole disc, and “Falling Down” begs to be another huge concert number, which explains why the band currently uses it as their opener. The biggest disappointment on the album is the lack of anything else. At only ten tracks, “Light It Up” leaves before it’s worn out it’s welcome, which is a shame considering the quality of the tracks.

That aside Rev Theory has come remarkably far. Frontman Rich Luzzi has enough energy to rub off on you just listening to the album, and the added axe of Rikki Lixx (rhymes with Nikki Sixx?) gives more electricity to this fired-up band. With “Light It Up” Rev Theory has given an album with potential to take the charts by storm, and wear down any CD player. While the lasting value of the album is hindered by it’s length, it’d be foolish to let this one slip away.

9.5 out of 10

Download This – “Far From Over”



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